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Citizen-led renovation
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How can we use the engagement power of energy communities to increase the energy efficiency of buildings and put citizens in the driver’s seat of the energy transition? By helping them to set up renovation support for their members and the wider community, empowering them for Citizen-led renovation!

The support service for Citizen-led renovation is an EU initiative aiming to empower energy communities to put citizens in the driver’s seat for energy-saving renovation projects. Our support service for four selected pilots in Ireland, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria will strengthen community building and assist in replicating programmes for energy renovations of buildings, including insulation, new technical systems and installing renewables. It is also our goal to help the four pilot projects to overcome financial, legal, technical and informational barriers and deliver future-proof residential buildings.


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Engage in discussions about citizen-led renovations, and exchange with our pilots and other interested stakeholders.

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Join established and emerging energy communities across the EU that participate in the Citizen-led renovation support service.

Latest News

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Workshop Ireland – Dublin 7

On 11.11.2023, Triple SEC, representing three pioneering energy communities (Connecting Cabra SEC, Phibsboro Village Climate Club SEC, and Cosybatter SEC) in Dublin, in collaboration with Citizen-led renovation initiative conducted a comprehensive workshop focused on citizen-led renovations.

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Bulgaria Workshops

On the 13.11.2023, the energy community Izgrei and the Citizen-led renovation initiative jointly organised two workshops on Citizen-led renovation in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Unveiling the Unique Needs and Challenges of Energent's Audience

Energent has outlined communication objectives aimed at encouraging wider adoption of energy-efficient measures among citizens. One of their key goals is to emphasize the benefits of energy-efficient renovations, making these solutions more appealing and accessible.

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