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Citizen-led renovation
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The support service for Citizen-led renovation is providing a Toolbox and Workshop helping citizens to start their renovation projects.

The support service for Citizen-led renovation (CLR) is an EU initiative aiming to empower existing and prospective energy communities to put citizens in the driver’s seat for energy-saving renovation projects. Our support service for four selected pilots in Ireland, Portugal, Belgium and Bulgaria is underway to strengthen community building and assist in replicating programmes for energy renovations of buildings, including insulation, new technical systems and installing renewables. We are currently helping the four pilot projects to overcome financial, legal, technical and informational barriers and deliver future-proof residential buildings. As we enter CLR Phase II, we are expanding our support services to cater to Pilots, Learners and Followers with various levels of support, combining one-on-one sessions, webinars, workshops, peer-to-peer learning and events. Submit your application today!


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Engage in discussions about citizen-led renovations, and exchange with our pilots and other interested stakeholders.

Join established and emerging energy communities across the EU that participate in the Citizen-led renovation support service.

Latest News

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The support service for Citizen-led renovation is delighted to announce the success of the Open Call, which invited energy communities across Europe to participate in a support service for citizen-led energy renovations. The call received a remarkable 75 high-quality applications.

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The recent EUSEW session on "support services for Citizen-Led renovation" moderated by Stefan Scheuer from the support service for citizen-led renovation projects focused on the significant role of citizens and local communities in accelerating energy renovations.

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