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Citizen-led renovation

Join our network

Our vibrant network consists of ambitious energy communities spanning across the EU. Ready to share their wealth of experience and insights, these communities are motivated to guide and inspire others on their journey towards a sustainable energy transformation. This programme aims to drive community-led energy renovations and renewable energy projects.

Why join the CLR network?

By joining the CLR network, you will tap into the collaborative strength of community-led energy initiatives. Members will be able to:

  • Stay informed about the upcoming release of our technical assistance call and future newsletters, which will offer the opportunity to apply for free expert support tailored to enable citizen-led renovations and renewable energy projects.
  • Gain insights into best practices from successful energy community initiatives, focusing on strategies and outcomes that can be easily replicated to develop similar successes in other communities.
  • Deepen your understanding of the challenges energy communities face, enabling more effective strategies for overcoming these obstacles and leveraging growth opportunities.
  • Connect with a network of experts, including local authorities and investors, to exchange ideas and explore collaborative opportunities, enriching your community's projects and initiatives.
  • Facilitate exchanges of information and experiences with other energy communities through our exchange platform, promoting mutual benefit and encouraging innovation through shared knowledge and resources.
  • Gain significant exposure on the European level, engaging with policymakers and contributing to the evolving dialogue around citizen-led renovations and the broader energy transition.
  • Opportunities to participate in events, workshops, and training sessions designed to further build your community's capacity, offering opportunities for learning, networking, and collaboration.

Who should join?

We extend an invitation to both established and emerging energy communities across the EU to engage in Phase II of the Citizen-led renovation support service. This programme is designed to catalyse community-driven energy renovations and renewable energy projects.

Do not miss out on the benefits CLR offers.