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Citizen-led renovation
Daily news13 March 20241 min read

KLAR! Project Supporting Climate Adaption in Austria

snowy mountain

A recent report is revealing key insights from the KLAR! project shedding light on notable developments in sustainable urban planning. The project's findings offer valuable lessons that could inform future initiatives in construction and urban development.

Central to the project's success was the emphasis on citizen engagement. Involving and engaging citizens from the project's outset led to increased acceptance, indicating the significance of community involvement in driving sustainable initiatives.

Collaboration emerged as a crucial factor, with stakeholders at various levels, including KLAR! Managers, mayors, department heads, architects, and builders, work together seamlessly to develop comprehensive guidelines for sustainable development.

Additionally, funding mechanisms played a vital role in realising project objectives, with a combination of federal and state-level funding facilitating the creation of the guidelines.

Dispelling misconceptions about costs, the project revealed that climate-resilient buildings need not be more expensive than conventional constructions, offering insights into the economic viability of sustainable building practices.

These insights represent significant progress in the pursuit of sustainable urban development. As cities worldwide seek to address climate challenges, initiatives like KLAR! provide valuable guidance for fostering greener, more resilient communities.


Publication date
13 March 2024