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Citizen-led renovation
Daily news14 February 20241 min read

Local Success Stories Illuminate Path to Sustainable Energy: Turn Solar into Savings Webinar Recap

Solar Panels

Local communities in Cabra, Cosybatter, & Phibsboro Village recently came together for a webinar titled "Turn Solar into Savings." Hosted by the Irish pilot of the Citizen-led renovation initiative Triple SEC, Connecting Cabra, Cosybatter, & Phibsboro Village Climate Club SEC, the event aimed to shed light on the practical benefits of solar panel integration and the journey towards sustainability.

The webinar featured personal experiences and insights from local residents who have successfully integrated solar panels into their homes. Speakers shared their stories, highlighting the practical benefits and the path towards a more sustainable future.

Steph, a resident of Stoneybatter, shared her experience with solar panels, while Celine provided an overview of solar panel research in Phibsboro and discussed her personal journey. Eoin and Michelle shared insights into their solar panel installations in Cabra, and Ger Doherty concluded the session by discussing solar panel grants and showcasing a community led Solar Meitheal project in Dublin.

The interactive Q&A session saw participants actively engaging with speakers, asking insightful questions about the impact of solar panels on Building Energy Rating (BER), installation, maintenance, and financial considerations.

Encouraged by the positive response, organisers are planning future events to continue the conversation around sustainable living and community-driven energy initiatives.

The webinar underscored the collective ambition towards more sustainable living and the power of community in navigating the energy transition. Organisers thanked all participants for their enthusiasm and speakers for their invaluable contributions.

The slide deck and webinar recording are available to support the community's journey towards energy independence. Stay tuned for updates on future events via Futurium.


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14 February 2024