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Citizen-led renovation
News article28 September 2023Directorate-General for Energy1 min read

Our partner, Goparity, successfully conducted a roundtable for energy communities!

Cidade Zero_Roundtable_Energy communities_1

This month, Lisbon held Cidade do Zero, a major (if not the biggest) sustainability event in Portugal. Between the 16th and 17th of September, Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB) attracted over 20,000 people. Cidade do Zero (direct translates to “City from scratch”) is more than a fair that brought together sustainability in its different scopes: from mobility to fashion, food, education, inclusion, energy, agriculture, and more. Over 120 brands and companies took part in communicating and showcasing what is being done in Portugal towards a more conscious present and future. 

Citizen-led renovation support service partner Goparity has a strong relationship that led to a very positive partnership with Catarina and João Barreiros, co-founders of Do Zero and the creators of this event. Goparity was not only present at the event but was also one of the major sponsors of this year’s edition. 

CLR representatives of Goparity and representatives of the Portuguese pilot Coopérnico had a stand presence at the event and were present with several activities to share their experiences and promote the concept of citizen-led renovation.

Given this being a significant event for citizen engagement and a prime audience to promote citizen-led renovation and collective self-consumption from PV, Goparity set up a roundtable entitled “What are energy communities and how do they work?” with Manuel Nina, Goparity’s CCO as a moderator, and speakers Ana Rita Antunes, Technical Director at Coopérnico, Filipe Fernandes, Windcredible, Rui Queiroga, Cleanwatts, and Manuel Casquiço, Director at ADENE, Portugal’s Energy Agency.

The roundtable discussed the status of the implementation of REC in Portugal and how citizens can get together to form their communities. The session had a limit of 30 participants, but the demand was high, and around 50 persons interested in learning about REC were present. The discussion around the table was lively, and questions from the audience spilt over after the event, with much interest from citizens.


Publication date
28 September 2023
Directorate-General for Energy