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Daily news20 March 20241 min read

RECAH Releases Best Practice Reports and Guidance Documents for Rural Energy Communities

RECAH (Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub) has recently unveiled a wealth of resources tailored to both existing and prospective energy communities in rural areas. The hub has curated a comprehensive collection of reports showcasing best practices from rural energy communities across Europe, highlighting the latest developments in the field.

The collection features 20 best practice examples, offering insights and inspiration from pioneering rural energy communities. These reports cover a wide spectrum of examples from countries such as Italy, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, The Netherlands, Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, France, and the Czech Republic. Access the series of reports here.

Moreover, as part of the project, technical experts have produced a series of guidance documents aimed at supporting individuals and groups interested in establishing and managing rural energy communities. These documents provide expert advice on various crucial topics, including:

  • Joining or setting up a rural energy community (also available in Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian)
  • Creating value and engaging citizens (also available in Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian)
  • Obtaining and managing finances (also available in Italian, French, Hungarian, Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian)
  • National legal and policy frameworks
  • Navigating technology types
  • Empowering municipalities to develop and support rural energy communities
  • The integral role of farmers
  • Good governance and social acceptance
  • Exploring the involvement of supporting actors
  • Technical assistance: Lessons learnt and best practices


All of these documents are available for download on the RECAH website. They serve as invaluable resources to assist in the establishment and maintenance of rural energy communities, offering practical guidance and insights from experts in the field.


Publication date
20 March 2024