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Citizen-led renovation
Daily news20 March 20241 min read

Successful Participation in World Sustainable Energy Days Conference

Citizen-led renovation project in WSED 2024
Citizen-led renovation project in WSED 2024

The recent World Sustainable Energy Days (WSED) conference in Wels, Austria proved to be an encouraging gathering for stakeholders committed to sustainable energy solutions. Hosted by OO Energiesparverband, the event provided a platform for sharing practical strategies aimed at accelerating the global energy transition.

For the Citizen-led renovation (CLR) initiative, the Energy Efficiency Conference and the "Cities and Regions" workshop were particularly beneficial, facilitating valuable connections with like-minded professionals. Throughout the conference, discussions centred on practical solutions to expedite the energy transition, sparking engaging dialogues among attendees.

One of the key highlights of CLR involvement was the opportunity to showcase the initiative and connect with likeminded participants. The emphasis on energy communities and renovations underscored the conference's dedication to addressing critical challenges in sustainable energy implementation.

Reflecting on the event, several key insights emerged that could significantly influence the CLR project's trajectory:

Prominence of Energy Communities: Energy community initiatives and building efficiency emerged as prominent themes, reflecting a strong emphasis on citizen engagement and participation.

Demand for Best Practices: There was a notable demand for sharing best practices, as attendees sought guidance on executing similar projects. Funding emerged as a primary concern among stakeholders.

Clarification on Project Focus: Many attendees were unfamiliar with the concept that citizen-led renovation primarily revolves around energy communities, indicating the need for clearer communication.

The WSED conference, held on 6-7 March 2024, provided a rich exchange platform for various stakeholders involved in the energy transition, including NGOs, academia, researchers, cities and municipalities, and policymakers. The event underscored the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in driving sustainable energy solutions forward.

CLR engagement at the conference included activities such as poster presentations and distributing postcards, which facilitated insightful discussions and interactions with attendees.


Publication date
20 March 2024