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Citizen-led renovation

Photo Story​​​, Photo Contest

🤔 What is it for? 

Photo Stories can increase awareness, knowledge, empathy and emotional responses to local climate change impacts and initiatives, solutions and opportunities.

They facilitate citizens’ participation in public decision-making processes, and encourage constructive journalism and civic participation – key components of democracy.

🛠️ How to use it? 

Facilitate a workshop where participants use photography to capture their experiences and perspectives on climate-related issues, discuss the situation, and present solutions. Share the output of the workshop with decision-makers and the public to drive change.

🎯 Who would be targeted? 


🏠 Adaptation to citizen-led renovation 

Gather a small group of your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues, and facilitate a discussion on how citizen-led renovation Ask you neighbours to take pictures that visualise "change" or the "energy transition" in your neighbourhood. Then, people would come together in a workshop to share their Photo Story, and to discuss ideas for joint actions on renovation. The action could be also setup as a Renovation Photo Contest, where neighbours can win a price.

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