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Citizen-led renovation

Open Call

Get involved: Opportunity to join the Citizen-led renovation programme! Second Round of Call: Deadline 17 June 2024

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Empower your Energy Community!

Apply to receive FREE tailored capacity-building, technical assistance and other benefits.

The Call

Call to participate as a Pilot, Learner or Follower in the support service for Citizen-led renovation (Phase II).

Citizen-led renovation is an EU-funded support service to empower established and prospective energy communities to put citizens in the driver’s seat for energy renovations. The service will strengthen your community buildings and it will enable you to replicate energy renovation projects in the buildings of your members and others, including insulation, the installation of new technical systems and renewables. The support service will help your community overcome financial, legal, technical, and information barriers to deliver future-proof residential buildings. Our objective is to establish partnerships for a collaborative effort spanning over two years. Together, we aim to advance citizen-led renovations across the European Union. 

The support service call targets established or prospective energy communities that seek support in setting up and replicating citizen-led initiatives to deliver additional energy renovations and renewable installations for the buildings of their members. If you do not currently identify as an official energy community, your application is still highly encouraged. We invite citizen groups, local authorities, NGOs, and other organisations actively engaged in or aiming to spearhead citizen-led renovation projects to submit an application.  

Your Role

Pilot, Learner & Follower Journeys

  • Pilots: Established energy communities will receive comprehensive support in project development, implementation, and replication. 
  • Learners: Emerging energy communities or those in the planning phase will be guided in developing their capacity for initiating and managing renovation projects. 
  • Followers: Energy communities, citizen groups, local authorities, NGOs, and others interested in exploring the concept of energy communities/citizen-led renovation will be provided with insights, learning materials, and networking opportunities to prepare for future implementation.  


What does it offer to your community?

You will benefit from:  

  • Co-developing project pipelines and investment plans 
  • Preparing and supporting the implementation of administrative procedures  
  • Assistance in project management and in preparing technical designs 
  • Support in communication and citizen engagement 
  • Mutual learning across the pilot communities and regions 
  • A multi-stakeholder exchange platform 


What is required from your community?

By signing a collaboration agreement, you will commit to: 

  • Sharing information and experiences about your community and how it cooperates for the purpose of the project only 
  • Allocate paid or unpaid staff for the duration of the pilot 
  • Mobilising citizens to actively participate in initiatives (incl. workshops and surveys) 
  • Hosting stakeholder engagement events and implementing activities  
  • Demonstrating replication potential of initiatives 
  • Providing access to relevant local and regional stakeholders 


How will the collaboration be structured?

The Citizen-led renovation project aims to assist energy communities in delivering citizen-led energy renovations and renewable energy installations, whether you have already one-stop-shops for project developers in place or not. Depending on your needs, expectations and commitment, the project will give you the opportunity to access free tailored support in terms of administrative, technical, and communicative assistance and co-implement citizen-led renovation projects in your community. 

The Citizen-led renovation is a service contract for the European Commission (DG ENER) and has opened a second round of the call ending on 17 June 2024. 


Are you interested in joining us as a Pilot, Learner or Follower?

  • Read the quick guide and FAQs for applicants (both available in 22 languages)
  • Get in contact with us and book a meeting to learn more: infoatcitizenledrenovation [dot] com (info[at]citizenledrenovation[dot]com)
  • Please fill out the application form here: CLR Phase II Application Form
  • You can find the template for the Letter of Intent (needed for the Application) here.
  • The Scoring Matrix for the Applications is also available here.


Want to get further insights or need help filling out the application form?

We offer two supporting webinars to the interested audience. Zoom registration and further information: