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Citizen-led renovation

Energent (Belgium)

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About the Pilot

Energent, founded in 2013, is an energy cooperative driven by a strong dedication to renewable energy and community involvement. The organisation operates with a team of 13 employees, complemented by the contributions of 9 volunteers, and further supported by a membership of 2148 individuals. Energent is currently active in 31 towns and villages, covering 61% of the province of East Flanders, Belgium. Energent aims to extend its reach and plans to cover the entire province in the future. The activities of the energy community are based on four fundamental pillars which are: a) innovation projects, b) investment projects, c) volunteer and member movement, and d) services to citizens. In the area of services to citizens, Energent provides services related to PV installation, group purchasing of technologies and renovation services. Within the support services for citizen-led renovation, Energent will work on improving its renovation services. Belgium promotes energy efficiency. There are support mechanisms such as subsidies for energy audits or other third party funding to promote energy efficiency. Energent works with municipalities and energy houses. An energy house is owned by several municipalities with the aim of providing information (and resources) to citizens in order to promote sustainable energy practices within communities.


Belgium pilot factsheet
General publications22 November 2023
Belgium pilot factsheet

Belgium has a federal structure. The three regions, Flanders, Wallonia and the Brussel capital region, are responsible for areas such as energy consumption and production, the promotion of renewable energy sources, public transport, transport infrastructure, urban and rural planning, agriculture, and waste management. The Federal State is responsible for many aspects of fiscal policy, as well as for civil and corporate policies.


Our support

In order to increase its growth, reach more citizens and further professionalise its activities, Energent has applied for a support service for Citizen-led renovation. In doing so, Energent will be supported through communication and engagement and ecosystem building activities. In the period up to November 2024, Energent will be supported by:

  • Review and improvement of the communication material to better information and engage citizens;
  • Improvement of social media presence with the goal to reach out to wider audiences;
  • Training for technical staff providing energy audits and analysis of the needed renovations to house owners to improve their engagement methods;
  • Market analysis to better understand the needs of citizens and potential for improved or new services that can be offered to increase rate of renovation and involvement of citizens.

Objectives under the CLR initiative

Activities under the CLR initiative

  • Workshop on project management, pilot journey, 15.09.2023
  • Workshop on personas, 6.10.2023
  • Workshop on KPIs, 17.10.2023
  • Validation workshop on personas, 14.11.2023
  • Workshop on Google Analytics 4, 7.12.2023
  • Social media workshop, 12.12.2023
  • Workshop on personas, 30.01.2023

More Information


Province of East Flanders, Belgium

Legal Form


Established in year




  • Innovation projects
  • Investment projects
  • Volunteers and members movement
  • Services to citizens
Future aims/Perspectives

Covering the entire province of East Flanders


16 NOVEMBER 2023
Energent - Pilot Summary